Tips to Get Rid of Exam Fear:

Exam fear is one of the common thing which you can find in every student who is going to attend exams. Though this is not very unusual but can have a negative effect when you write your exam. Some of the main reasons are stress and expectations from parents and teachers.

Most of such cases can be found in students who will be attending board examinations. If students encounter exam fear or stress, they will not be able to perform well. Fear usually leads to stress, thus developing anxiety and depression in students. This ultimately results in performing poorly in exams.

The best solution for this issue is that the students need to maintain a calm and peaceful mind. And it is the responsibility of parents and teachers to make it possible. Along with it, the students should prepare well for exams without having any fear or anxiety.

Best tips to overcome Exam stress and anxiety:

Mentioned here are a few things that students need to follow to overcome exam fear or any kind of stress, the anxiety they are having during the examination time. For better understanding, we have split it into 2 sections

  1. Things to do before the exam
  2. Things to do during the exam


Stay positive

Preparation is the primary key that helps

Never compare yourself with other students

Work smarter rather than work harder

Meditate to keep your mind calm and peaceful

Revise all the topics you have studied

Eat well

Be physically fit

Have enough sleep


Wake up and start early for your day

Be focused

Understand the question well and answer peacefully

Avoid last-minute preparation and hurry

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